Tri-service Logo of Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Tri-service Logo of Bangladesh Armed Forces.

The Bangladesh Armed forces is composed of three main uniformed military branches, the Bangladesh Army, the Bangladesh navy, and the Bangladesh Air Force. Paramilitary forces include the ?Bangladesh Border Guards, the Bangladesh Coast Guard and the Bangladesh?National Cadet Corps.

The president of Bangladesh is the Commander-in-chief of the military. The civilian administration authority of the armed forces are vested with the Ministry of Defence and headed by the Minister of Defence. This post has been usually held by the prime minister of Bangladesh who holds executive power.

46th independent Infantry Brigade

Military manpower – availability:
36,520,491, age?19–49 (2010 est.)

Military manpower – fit for military service:
30,486,086?males, age?19–49 (2010 est.),
35,616,093?females, age?19–49 (2010 est.)

Reaching military?age annually:
1,606,963 males (2010 est.),
1,689,442?females (2010 est.)

Active personnel: